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Grand lake

Autumn Glory

on Sat, 10/07/2017 - 11:50
While some open-water trout and salmon fans stow their tackle for the season, savvy anglers who understand these popular species' seasonal patterns know that now is the time for some of the year's best fishing.
Here's what you need to know to catch hard-fighting rainbows, browns, lakers and kokanee salmon.
"Unlike walleyes, bass, pike and panfish, which spawn in the spring and early summer, most salmonids are fall spawners," says veteran fishing guide Bernie Keefe.

Middle Park fishing report for 10-1-2017


The boat ramp hours are 7AM to7PM at Williams Fork. Surface temp has dropped to 55 in the morning warming to upper 50's in the afternoon. Temps in deep water are still warm. This week's Lake Trout bite has been fair to good. Vertical jigging off of the bottom in 90 to 135 foot water with Berkley grubs or metal jigs tipped with sucker meat is producing some fish. Bite is best early AM to mid AM. Shore fishing has been slow but big Rainbows are cruising the  shoreline. Kokanee are grouping up for spawn. Trolling for Kokanee is slow, as is Pike fishing. Large Northern Pike are moving into

Fall Trout Prep

on Mon, 09/18/2017 - 10:09


Gear Up Now For Your Best Fall Ever 

Summer’s demise signals the approach of some of the year’s best trout and salmon fishing, when browns, ‘bows, brookies, lakers and kokanee head shallow and strap on the feedbag. 

Depending on your latitude and altitude, the action could be mere weeks away. Which means it’s high time to gear up for the fall reap. 

To speed your prepping endeavors, veteran salmonid stalker and ace guide Bernie Keefe offers his hit list of must-have tackle, organized by species, for epic fall battles. 

Kokanee Salmon Late-summer salmon frequent deep water, where

Middle Park fishing report for 9-18-2017


Grand Lake is fishing very well along the shorelines for rainbows with spoons, small spinners and flies. Browns are getting aggressive and can be caught with crank baits in very shallow water during low light times. Lake Trout have started their spawning ritual and have become a little tougher to catch. Tipping your jigs with sucker meat can help. 

Lake Granby, Lake trout will be moving shallow in the next 2 weeks. Until then look at deeper rocky structure, the fish will bite "Gulp" minnows, spoons, "Reelbait" plain janes and tubes tipped with sucker meat.

Middle Park fishing report for 8-28-2017

This weeks middle park report is brought to you by Fishing with Bernie. The temps in the morning are dropping to 32 degrees, Snow has made an appearance in the valley also. Fantastic fall fishing is getting closer, for now present your baits carefully and remember exactly what you were doing when you get bit. Repeat that and you should be successful.

Williams Fork Fishing Report. The surface temp at Williams Fork is 62 in the morning warming to 65 in the afternoon. Temps in deep water have not changed. The lake has dropped about 5' since the first of the month.

Middle Park fishing report for 8-14-2017


This middle park fishing report is being brought to you by "Fishing with Bernie". With the cool nights and PM thunder storms the surface temp at Williams Fork is now 63 in the morning warming to 65 in the afternoon. Temps in deep water have not changed. This week the Lake Trout bite has been good at 90 to 115 foot. My clients are catching fish vertical jigging bright colored grubs tipped with sucker meat. Bite is best early AM but we are catching fish all day. Fishing from shore is slow but some anglers are catching a few Rainbows bottom fishing. Wading anglers are catching Rainbows

Travel Plans

on Wed, 08/09/2017 - 11:30
Travel Plans
Find and catch fish fast on new waters
Finding and catching fish on an unfamiliar body of water can be a challenge, but with the right mindset and strategies, it can also produce great fishing.
"Whether you're after lake trout, walleyes, bass or bluegills, the most important thing is not getting stuck in a rut and expecting fish in the new lake to behave exactly like those in your home waters," says veteran trout and salmon guide Bernie Keefe.
"Even though you're targeting the same

Middle Park fishing report for 8-8-2017

Here is your middle park fishing report for the week of August 8. 

Grand Lake, Water temp remains in the mid 60’s.  Fishing for all species is fair with the best time to be on the water during the low light periods.  Don’t be afraid to work and move often to find the active fish and you will be successful this time of year.  For rainbows and browns work crank baits slow along the shore line, and lake trout try a variety of jigs tipped with sucker meat. - Dan Shannon, Guide – Fishing with Bernie

With the cooler weather Williams Fork's surface temp has dropped to 64 in the morning warming

Middle Park fishing report for 8-1-2017

Here is your middle park area fishing report for the week of August 1st.

Williams Fork's surface temps remain at 66 in the morning warming to the low 70 by late afternoon. The Lake trout bite is fair to good. We are having success vertical jigging with grubs and rubber minnows tipped with sucker meat between 90 to 120 foot. Use your sonar to find fish, work the spot then move. Fishing from shore is generally slow but some anglers are catching a few Rainbows bottom fishing with power bait or worms. Rainbows are hitting spinners at the inlet, and in the submerged lake bed river channel.

Middle Park fishing report for 7-23-2017

Grand lake 7/23/17
Water temp is mid 60's by afternoon.   Rainbow trout and brown trout fishing has slowed a bit,  but they are still being caught early and late,  or when the afternoon storms roll in.  Small cranks, fly and bubble or worms have been working.   Lake trout are getting deeper by the day and are found up to 110'.  Small jigs and spoons are producing throughout the day,   move often to find active fish.   Dan Shannon, Guide - Fishing with Bernie

Williams Fork Fishing Report

Surface temps have reached 66 in the morning warming to near 70 in the late afternoon.