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Fishing Report

Middle Park fishing report 4-25-2018


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Williams Fork Fishing Report 2/6/17 

Fishing at Williams Fork has been fair to good depending on the day. Lake trout are still providing the best action in 35-70 feet of water.

Thanks to everyone that came to fish the 3 Lakes ice fishing contest. By now the fish have settled down and will eat. Lake Granby is fishing very good for all species.

Granby has lost its slush! The ice thickness varies around the lake. We have been seeing snow machines and ATV's throughout the lake.

Granby has froze over again. This time most of the slush has frozen over also. This gives us 1-4" of good clear ice, 3-6" of water and 4-6" of frozen slush.

Williams Fork, Wolford, Willow Creek,Grand Lake and Granby all have fishable ice. The Ice conditions very so be very careful and check the ice as you go. We received 1.5' of snow in the area, it will

We are starting to get fishable ice here in the county. Please be very cautious venturing out, bring safety gear and a friend. 

Williams Fork reservoir, fully capped, fishing has been very good for



First ice is a magical time to pursue many species of gamefish, and members of the trout family are no exception.


Lake trout anglers are anxiously awaiting the start of the ice fishing season.


  Many trout fans hang it up and head for the shade during the Dog Days of summer, mistakenly believing these cold-water beauties go on a hunger strike as the mercury soars.

A couple years ago I started hunting Elk here in Colorado. My wife Leesa and I started by spending as much time in the backcountry as we could.