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Fishing Report

Middle Park area fishing report 5-22-2017

Spring fishing


This lake Granby fishing report is brought to you by "Fishing with Bernie". This spring has been a tough one for the pelicans and osprey's until last week.
Lake Trout, Conservation, Select Harvest

A few weeks ago there was a letter to the editor in the Sky Hi Daily News concerning our local reservoirs and lakes and the fishing habitat surrounding them.  

Lake Trout Mafia stands behind the

spring fishing

In the early 70's my cousin introduced me to fishing. He would take me to private ponds and we would catch Bluegills, Crappies, and Bass with a bobber and Flea Flies.

Spring ishing

Last spring we were in the boats on Lake Granby April 14th. This year I fished on the ice April 28th. What a difference a year makes. Over the next 2 weeks Granby will be losing it's ice.

Spring Fishing

It's hard to believe that this time last year I was able to be on my Crestliner fishing on Lake Granby.

spring fishing

Crestliner give us boat owners a very easy boat to rig. With any luck at all this article will help you with some of the decisions, tips and a couple tricks.

ice fishing

The ice on Granby is still over 20" thick, but spring is here. The creeks are running water under and over the ice and the banks are starting to thaw so please be careful.

"What happened to spring"

What happened to spring? I thought March brought warm days. We are still waking up to temps below zero and the days are not getting warm niether. OK, enough of my whining lets get to the report.

Here is your 12-19-12 Lake Granby Fishing Report, brought to you by Fishing with Bernie. Lake Granby is still open the fish are biting very good along the shorelines.

Your Lake Granby, 12/12/12 fishing report brought to you by Fishing With Bernie. The fish are on the shorelines, last week we caught fish about everywhere we fished around the lake.