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Middle Park area fishing report 3-5-2018


Here is your Middle park fishing report for the week of 3-5-2018. The slush seems to have frozen up. We are seeing people walking a long ways out and ate's around the lake. The wind has been bad this past couple weeks, please keep your stuff anchored down.

Lake Granby- The bite for lake trout seems to have gotten a little better this past week. Downsizing the jigs seemed to get us more bites as well as bites from Quality fish. Tubes tipped with sucker meat, Gulp minnows and flutter spoons all got bit on a regular basis. Depths from 50-100' seemed to have the most aggressive fish. Rainbows are eating small jigs tipped with wax worms or Maki Plastics in 3-10' of water. There are a few kokanee being caught around 20' deep over deeper water. 

Grand lake is fishing fair to good for lake trout in 40-80' depths. Small white gigs or flutter spoons tipped with sucker meat have been getting bit. Rainbows are along the shorelines eating small bright colored jigs tipped with wax worms. 

Williams Fork Reservoir Fishing Report- The ice is still holding up well at 12-18”. Most of the snow on top has melted leaving 2-3 crusty inches on top of the ice. Most of the slushy areas have re-frozen. Lake trout fishing has been hit or miss lately. Some days are very good while others have been tough. Early morning is the best time to fish right now. The fish are mostly in 40-80’ of water, leaning toward the deeper side of that on the slow days. There are a few pike being caught in less than 15’. Rainbows are starting to group in the shallow bays in preparation for the spawn and will hit a variety of small baits. There were no reports of kokanee being caught this week. Bernie Keefe has been a fishing guide in the area for over 25 years, for more information please check out his face book page or his website