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Middle Park area fishing report 2-19-2018


Here is your middle park fishing report for the week of 2-19-18. Slush is starting to rear its ugly head and with the snow expected this week it might get difficult.

Grand Lake  -  Ice is holding up well despite the warm temps.  Finding 10-16" depending on your location on the lake.   The open water area grows and shrinks depending on the day,  use caution  if venturing out across the lake.   Fishing has been fair,  typical for mid February.   Rainbows are active In the shallower areas best action early in the day on small jigs and salmon eggs.   Lake trout are being caught between 30' and 80' best action on jigs and plastics tipped with sucker meat, small tubes,  or Leech Flutter Spoons by Clam, jigged right on the bottom.   Starting to see some suspended fish as well over the deeper water, use your Vexilar's to target those.   Good luck  out there and stay alert for changing ice conditions it's not a typical year!  - Dan Shannon, Guide for Fishing with Bernie

Williams Fork  The ice is holding at 10-12 inches on most of the lake. There are fewer slushy areas than last week but still a couple bad spots. The colder weather in the forecast should keep the ice pretty solid this week/ Rainbows are being caught in the shallows on a variety of baits including micro jigs, panfish tubes, and jigging spoons. A few pike are being caught in shallow areas but action for them is hit or miss. Lake trout action seems to come and go with the weather. They are being caught as shallow as 30 feet but the best numbers have been in 40-70 feet lately. Some fish are also being found suspended over deeper water. Tube jigs with sucker meat, flutter spoons, and fluke style baits have continued to be the best producers.

Lake Granby is fishing well for rainbows and browns along the shorelines. We have been fishing with Clam tungsten jigs tipped with Maki Plastics in 3-10' of water. The rainbows have been 8-15" browns a little larger. Lake trout have been eating tubes, flutter spoons, jerk shads and just plain jigs tipped with sucker meat. 30-80 feet seems to have the best action. Bernie Keefe has been a fishing guide in the area for over 25 years, for more information please check out his face book page or his website