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Lake Granby are fishing report for 1-9-2017

Williams Fork, Wolford, Willow Creek,Grand Lake and Granby all have fishable ice. The Ice conditions very so be very careful and check the ice as you go. We received 1.5' of snow in the area, it will be very slushy. Wear water proof boots and check the ice as you go. Some areas are not safe to walk on.

Wolford, Grand Lake, Willow Creek and Shadow Mountain, The rainbows are biting very well close to shore on small jigs tipped with wax worms. Kokanee are in the deeper water (generally over the river channel) and will readily eat a small spoon tipped with shrimp, wax worms or white shoe peg corn.

Williams Fork, Rainbows are in shallow water close to shore they will eat small jigs tipped with wax worms. Pike are very difficult. Lake trout are in deeper water (20-100 feet of water) Jigs fished throughout the water column will get bites.

Granby, The lake was not totally froze over as of 12-30. We did get 1.5' of snow on 2" of ice and there was still open water on the 5th, Be very careful. Rainbows are close to shore eating small jigs tipped with wax worms or maggots. Lakers are in 20-100 feet of water. They will eat small jigs tipped with sucker meat. 

Bernie has been guiding the middle park area for over 20 years. Please checkout or Facebook "Fishing with Bernie" for more information.