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Fishing with Bernie

5 hot spots for spring trout

on Sun, 04/16/2017 - 09:03
With cool water temperatures giving them free reign to roam, lakers, rainbows and brown trout could be virtually anywhere in the lake during the springtime.
More often than not, however, a few key areas hold the majority of the fish. Check out these five surefire hotspots from veteran trout guide Bernie Keefe to make this your best spring yet.
Main-Lake Points
Points attract forage and baitfish, making these shoreline sweet spots magnets for trout.

Middle Park area fishing report 3-29-17

The ice is off of Wolford and Williams Fork. Trout fishing is awesome early and late in the day. Crank baits, ice jigs under a bobber, spoons, bait, tubes are all working very well. 

The rivers are fishing very well with an assortment of nymphs, small crank baits and other lures. 

Granby and Grand Lake still have ice, a snow movie went through the ice on Granby last week. It took 2 guys all day to get it out, proceed with caution and at your own risk. 

Surefire Spring Trout Strategies

on Thu, 03/30/2017 - 08:21


Late winter is a time of transition for trout and the anglers who pursue them. Admittedly, figuring out productive patterns while shifting from ice fishing to open-water mode can be intimidating, but those who know where and how to tackle spring trout can enjoy some of the year’s best fishing. 

“Rainbow trout are a great example,” says veteran trout guide Bernie Keefe. “They’re active, hungry and willing to bite.” 

Keefe targets tributaries and lakes in the Colorado high country a short cast west of Denver, but his spring rainbow strategies produce results in systems across the

Middle Park fishing report for 3-6-2017

This middle park fishing report is brought to you by Fishing with Bernie. Lake Granby has been good to excellent for rainbows and browns along the shorelines. Tiny jigs like the Clam drop kick tipped with wax worms in water less then 10'deep should illicit strikes until the sun comes up. Lake trout have started to suspend around the lake. Look for this in 100+ foot of water. The lakers should be suspending 50-70 feet below the ice. Leech flutter spoons, plain janes, marabous and tube jigs should work very well for the next few weeks.

Control your fluorocarbon

on Mon, 02/27/2017 - 19:02

Have you ever used flourocarbon and had it spring off the reel and cause a big mess? The first way to avoid the problem is to make sure not to over fill the spool. When I do over fill, here is how I control it.

Middle Park fishing report for 2-27-2017

Grand Lake - 2/27/2017
The ice is holding up great despite the warmer temps last week.   The top layer that was slush is now frozen and snow covered, though it is still very bumpy I  spots from the old slush.   Fishing has been varied from fair to excellent depending on the day.   Rainbows and browns are being caught all day long on small spoons like the Clam Leech Flutter Spoon tipped with wax worm between 6' and 20' with the best action being early and late.  Work the whole water column fish are being found throughout.

Beat a tough bite on ice

on Mon, 02/20/2017 - 19:46
Beat A Tough Bite On Ice
When fish come easy in early winter, it's easy to get spoiled. But that all changes when fishing pressure, changes to the underwater environment and other factors make fishing tough.
Rather than throw in the towel, tackle a tough bite with these proven tactics. I'll use lake trout for an example, but the strategies hold water for other gamefish as well.
To beat a tough bite for lakers on my home waters in Colorado, I start by checking classic cover and structure, such as humps, weed edges, flats and drop-offs.

Middle Park fishing report for 2-20-2017

The action at Williams Fork tailed off a bit this week, but is still good some days. Most of the mackinaw have moved slightly deeper and can be found in 40-80 feet of water. The usual baits are still working, including 3" tubes tipped with sucker, leech flutter spoons, and gulp minnows. Early and late day have been providing the best action this week. Rainbows can also be caught early morning in shallow water on various micro jigs as Rat Finkees or tear drop jigs tipped with salmon eggs or meal worms.
Pike action has been fair if you hit it on the right day.